Unique Auto Center, Riverside Reviews (2024)

Unique Auto Center, Riverside Reviews (1)rubin garcia
2024-01-11 05:09:27 GMT

We drove from Lancaster California with a 10k loan letter and $1000 to close the deal. We were in and out in under an hour. The sales associates were warm, welcoming and inviting. They patiently answered our car questions and made sure we were satisfied before we left. We will be back for our next car and our next one. Best car buying experience I have ever had and I used to sell cars. We are very thankful and LOVE our new car!!

Unique Auto Center, Riverside Reviews (2)Paul Versluis
2024-05-15 19:27:54 GMT

Very friendly people, great service and high quality cars, that’s Unique Auto Center in a nutshell. And a good price for the car I was bringing in as well. Their after sales service deserves a special mention, as they handled my issue with the best care possible. Looking for a quality used car and the best service around? Go to Unique Auto Center! Maria and the team will help you on your way in a new car in no time and you will leave totally satisfied. 👍🏻

Unique Auto Center, Riverside Reviews (3)Fernando “Fernie” Duenas
2024-03-15 22:44:11 GMT

Had a great experience over here! The process was straightforward and simple! I am happy to get my first ever car from this dealership 🩵

Unique Auto Center, Riverside Reviews (4)Raisa Torres
2024-05-29 19:48:13 GMT

Beyond happy , excited and in love with our purchase ! Went through many dealerships and UAC is the one that won it all ! Maria absolutely knows everything there is to know about all the cars on the lot and Luis was great at closing a great deal for us to take home our dream car ! Couldn't have gone any better than it did . On top of their service , they also service ours and all their vehicles like new ! Definitely would buy another car with them when the time comes .
Thank you all so much for making this happen !

Unique Auto Center, Riverside Reviews (5)William Crocker
2024-04-19 15:20:32 GMT

Ended up here after several dud dealerships off a car buying service through my credit union. They told us first car we wanted to see had an engine misfire, so I wasn’t interested in it anymore. Auggie let us check out a few cars on the site to pull from their inventory and we found one that was the same price (and frankly a better car). Test drive and inspection went smoothly so we made a deal to buy the car. Overall a good experience. Would definitely give them my business again.

Unique Auto Center, Riverside Reviews (6)Debra Fry
2024-04-11 01:17:33 GMT

What a great experience we had with Unique Auto. I highly recommend Auggie to help you buy your next car, it was a very fast and smooth transaction.

Unique Auto Center, Riverside Reviews (7)Tatiana Osuna
2024-01-04 19:22:04 GMT

Maria was polite and was able to assist me with my new car, this is the second car I got from Unique Auto and they have always been very informative and trustworthy. Great car selection!

Unique Auto Center, Riverside Reviews (8)gabriel delgadillo
2024-04-29 17:49:24 GMT

I had a great and speedy experience at this dealer. We bought my daughter’s first car here. Super friendly. I was helped out by Maria. She was great. Luis ended up finishing the process. Great first experience with this dealer.

Unique Auto Center, Riverside Reviews (9)Dejon Trammell
2024-04-11 23:58:16 GMT

The workers here are helpful and welcoming, especially Maria, who helped us through every step of the way. Even though we took quite a while she was very patient with us and made us feel extremely comfortable. If you ever come here to buy a car , ask for Maria !!

Unique Auto Center, Riverside Reviews (10)Romelle Ward
2024-04-18 02:05:08 GMT

I am very impressed with this establishment. They have quality cars. From the first time I came to check out the car to the final time picking it up, they’ve always been extremely professional, courteous, friendly, and helpful. They even stayed after hours to accommodate. I highly recommend this car dealership.

Unique Auto Center, Riverside Reviews (11)David Navarrete
2024-05-29 00:52:40 GMT

David and I want to thank you and your team for helping us get my jeep and keeping your word and getting a new top for it. You guys are definitely a great place to buy cars, and I highly recommend unique Auto. Thank you 👍🏻

Unique Auto Center, Riverside Reviews (12)John Parker
2024-02-14 03:26:29 GMT

Just wanted to that this was the best experience that I have had with a car dealership. Auggie, you and the rest of the staff were so professional, courteous and caring. And the overall experience was quicker than I had expected. So thank you U.A.C. crew and I will be back to get another car from you guys.

Unique Auto Center, Riverside Reviews (13)Zzyzx Family
2024-03-23 21:56:27 GMT

Maria helped me find the perfect van today! She and her team (thanks Luis!) were exceedingly accommodating in helping me figure out the financing to get my vehicle. They were kind, helpful, and had all the information I needed about the car’s history, carfax and maintenance. The car was handed over to me in a spotless condition as well. I highly recommend this dealership, not just because of their professionalism and informative practices, but because of their kindness and empathy around differences in each customer’s financial capacity. Thank you so much UAC, I appreciate you!

Unique Auto Center, Riverside Reviews (14)Manuel Delgado
2024-05-31 21:35:03 GMT

Maria helped me out she was very helpful through out the whole process and was able to answer all questions. Luis was helpful and explained all options available you can tell he cares for his customers.

Unique Auto Center, Riverside Reviews (15)Sinsual Seduction
2024-04-15 22:01:48 GMT

Definitely they place to go and be , great inventory and the customer was great , Maria and Louis gets the job Done ✅ , highly recommend !!!

Unique Auto Center, Riverside Reviews (16)Jacqueline Guerrero
2024-03-22 23:00:41 GMT

I had an excellent time at this dealership! The process was super easy. Great experience. I'm thrilled to have purchased my first car here. Make sure you ask for Luis. 😁😁

Unique Auto Center, Riverside Reviews (17)Luis Martinez
2024-04-30 20:54:48 GMT

Maria was very friendly. Not pushy and was able to make the process fast. She was able to pick me up when returning my insurance rental to be able to drive off the same day. Will go back for sure. Thank you Maria!

Unique Auto Center, Riverside Reviews (18)Jess Catleesi
2024-03-12 19:08:39 GMT

I had a wonderful experience with UAC. I found the car I wanted online and they worked with me while I waited for the money from my insurance company to come in. Once I had the money and got their, they made the process quick and easy. Maria and Luis were both wonderful and I greatly appreciate them. The car was exactly as described online and the price online was the price when I got there. They also worked with me to help me pay from my bank account without a cashier's check since I have an online only bank. I didn't plan on having to go car shopping but life happens and thankfully I went to UAC because it made a stressful process quick and easy. Thank you Maria and Luis!

Unique Auto Center, Riverside Reviews (19)James Thompson
2024-01-07 01:11:13 GMT

Excellent company to buy a car from. Maria was an excellent sales person. Very helpful!

Unique Auto Center, Riverside Reviews (20)Ben Bowen
2024-01-05 00:45:39 GMT

Had the pleasure of working with Maria, she's a gem. Made me feel like good ppl still work in the auto industry, took amazing care of me and my son purchasing a new truck. Very affordable and high standards of service. Highly recommend to anyone and everyone

Unique Auto Center, Riverside Reviews (2024)


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