How To Set Up A Dedicated Server In ARK: Survival Evolved (2024)

In ARK: Survival Evolved, you can create a dedicated server, letting you and your friends experience the world according to your rules. Creating a Dedicated Server is complicated, as you’ll need to go through several steps to get your server up and running.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how you can create a dedicated server in ARK: Survival Evolved, we’ll cover the prerequisites, how exactly you can set up a server, and some useful console commands so you can personalize your ARK experience.

Before we begin it is important to note that you cannot set up dedicated servers on Console (PS4, PS5, Xbox)

ARK: Survival Evolved Dedicated Servers Requirements (PC/Linux)

To create a Dedicated Server for Ark Survival Evolved, on PC and Linus the first step you’ll need to take is to forward your ports. This is done through your router settings, in which you must forward certain TCP/UDP ports.

The TCP/UDP ports for ARK: Survival Evolved are:

TCP/UDP: 27015
TCP/UDP: 7777

If you don’t know how to forward ports on your router/modem, head toPortforwardto find out how to forward ports on your specific router brand/module.

Additionally, you will need to have the following to create programs installed:

  • Latest DirectX updated (available in\arkserver\_commonredist\DirectX)
  • Latest Visual Studio 2013 update (available inarkserver\_commonRedist\Vredist)
  • SteamCMD, which can be downloaded fromhere.

The first two programs are not required for Linux

How to Setup Ark: Survival Evolved Dedicated Server (PC/Linux)

Now to get the main thing started. You will need to extract the SteamCMD download.

Next, open the root ArkServer folder located in your drive. Inside that folder, create a folder where you wish to store the Dedicated Server Files.

Once done, run SteamCMD.exe. Once it has completed downloading and a command prompt comes up, type the following:

force_install_dir C:\ARKServer\(change according to your own location)app_update 346110 validate

Now, to create a Server batch file for easy server launching, you should head over toArkServer\shootergame\binaries\win64\.

Firstly, make sure the file extensions are visible on your Windows File Explorer. Next, right-click and create a Text Document, then rename it toServerstart.bat.

Once your Dedicated Server is set up, you can run mods on it through the Steam Workshop.

Open the file in a text editor (Notepad) and past the following in it:

start ShooterGameServer “TheIsland?SessionName=GameServerSetup?QueryPort=27015?ServerPassword=MyPassword?ServerAdminPassword=MYPassword?listen”

Double-clicking this Bat file will now launch the server. When you host a dedicated server on PC/Linux, crossplay is turned on by default, meaning you’ll be able to play with your friends on PS4, PS5, and Xbox.


A new Steam Tool enables you to set up and manage your Dedicated Servers in ARK through a simple application.

Configuring the Server

Head toshootergame/saved/config/windowsserver/gameusersettings.iniand open the configuration file. Inside the file, paste the following:



Several hosting websites let you buy and/or rent Dedicated Servers for ARK: Survival Evolved.

Ark: Survival Evolved Server Commands (PC/Linux)

You can use several Server Commands to shape the experience of your Dedicated Server, however, to use them, you must first enable/launch server consoles. To launch the server console inside the game, you simply need to press Tab to bring up the command prompt. Type in:

enablecheats <adminpassword> (Type admin password without the brackets)

If you are struggling to log in as admin, head to the game’s ini file, remove all password-related commands, and then add the following:

[AdminPassword] Password=ADMINPW


AllowThirdPersonPlayerEnables 3rd person mode
AltSaveDirectoryNameSaves server data to an alternate directory
AlwaysNotifyPlayerLeftDisplays a message when someone leaves the server
DifficultyOffset=0 to 1Changes the difficulty on the server
DontAlwaysNotifyPlayerJoinedDisables message when someone joins the server
GlobalVoiceChatVoice chat is available globally
MapPlayerLocationShows your location on the map
NoTributeDownloadsTurns off outside downloads of characters/dinosaurs
ProximityChatText chat only appears to people who are close to one another.
ServerCrosshairTurns on crosshair
ServerForceNoHUDDisables floating names
ServerHardcoreWhen you die, your character is reset to level 1
ServerPVEDisables PVP
banplayer <SteamName>Bans the user from the server
addexperience 1000 0 0gives you 1000 XP, you can change the value of 1000
AllowPlayerToJoinNoCheck <SteamID>Whitelists the user from the server
broadcast <MessageString>Will allow you to broadcast a message to everyone on the server
damagetarget <amount>Deals damage to the creature you are aiming at
destroyall <classname>Destroys all objects/dinosaurs of a classname
destroyallenemiesDestroys all enemies currently spawned
DisallowPlayerToJoinNoCheck <SteamID>Removes the player from the whitelist
enemyinvisible true/falseMakes all creatures ignore you even if you attack them
execsetsleeping true/falsePuts your character to sleep/wakes them up
FlyYou can fly.
forcetame:Instantly tames a dinosaur
GhostNoclipping enabled
giveitemnum <ID> <QTY> <Quality> <True/False>Gives you an item, depending on which item ID you choose.
giveresourcesGives 50 of all resources
GodEnables God mode
infinitestatsGives you infinite stats
playersonlyFreezes all dinosaurs at their current location. Freezes crafting as well
quitExits the current world, use after saving for a safe shutdown
saveworldSaves current worldstate
SetMessageOfTheDay <message>Sets a message that pops up when people enter
setplayerpos 0 0 0Allows you to teleport to cords
settimeofday <timestring>Changes the time of day
slomo 5Changes the speed of player movement
summon <classname>Summons a dinosaur at your location
TeleportYou are teleported in the direction you face
ToggleInfiniteAmmoGives you infinite ammo for weapons
WalkDeactivates flying and allows you to walk again.
giveengramsUnlocks all crafting recipes for your character
setcheatplayer falseDisables the cheat menu
setcheatplayer trueEnables the cheat menu
unbanplayer <SteamName>Unbans the user from the server
How To Set Up A Dedicated Server In ARK: Survival Evolved (2024)
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