Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, USA (2024)

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation was started in 2006 with a mission to preserve, protect and promote Sanatana Dharma and free Hindu Temples from the government control. We are organizing a few activities at the ground level such as Bala Samskar Kendras, Grama Devata renovation, sponsor a priest, making Hindus, Hindus: annadanam, water and Buttermilk distribution, helping Flood victims and a host of other activities. Visit our website for more information: www.

1.Bala Samskar Kendras organized Surya Namaskar for memory, health, concentration and Discipline in all Students. (6/11)
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, USA (1)One is in perfect health when the Three doshas (vata, pitta and Kapha), metabolic fire (digestion, assimilation and transformation), all the bodily tissues & components (the entire physical body) all the excretory functions (urination, sweat, and defecation) are in perfect order with a pleasantly disposed and contented mind, senses and spirit. There are twelve Asanas one is taught standing in front of sun in the morning wherever it is possible, It can be done other times facing east. Ten minutes of doing Surya Namaskar would have dramatic effect in various aspects of one’s life. We all know that without sun, there is no life. Sun radiates energy and heat, without which there is no life.

2. Our Pracharaks talked about the Importance and the reasons for doing Puja among Village Hindus encouraging them to follow the ancient traditions and Culture.
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, USA (2)Essentially, Puja is a ceremony or ritual during which we make offerings to a deity in order to receive blessings or good fortune as prasad. During a Puja, we often repeat sacred stotras or verses or mantras that help us to connect to God and make our mind peaceful. The entire act of Puja is a symbolic means of showing devotion to a deity and surrendering oneself at the altar, as a mark of true worship.
Who performs Puja? In truth, anyone who has faith and believes in a deity or scripture or Guru can perform Puja at their home. So, you really don’t need any qualification to do puja. Just your faith is enough.

3. Bala Samskar Kendras in Rajasthan – Learning about the benefits of Yoga & Meditation.
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, USA (3)n Rajasthan students are learning about Yoga and Meditation. They are doing it on a regular basis to increase concentration, improve disciplines, help develop peace of mind, and decrease stress and indiscipline. Why is Meditation practiced every Day in Bala Samskar Students?
More than 35 million Americans have considered giving meditation a try. That means, nearly 18 percent of the US population practices meditation and Yoga. It is believed and proved that daily meditation can improve the quality of life. For students it relieves stress and improves their academic life.

4. visiting Gaushala in Memphis and attend Three-day function of Sri Chakra Homa and discourses
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, USA (4)S3 Foundation under the leadership of Purushottam an Sarita started Gaushala in Memphis about ten years ago. It is the largest Gaushala in the USA with more than 250 cows and bulls. They conduct Homa every day in Gaushala. The Committee and volunteers are spending hours preparing for the event. Sri Vasudevananda Swami is visiting Gaushala this weekend conducting Homas and giving discourses. They have drawn a beautiful Sri Chakra on the floor where all the programs will be conducted.

5. Bala Samskar Kendras – Students learned about the importance of Saraswati Puja; the new School year Commences.
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, USA (5)Goddess Saraswati is worshipped to invoke the blessings of the deity, who is the Goddess of culture, music art and education. The significance of Saraswati Puja is that it is a spring festival, and it marks the beginning of spring. The yellow color forms an integral part of the festival. Yellow colored flowers are offered to the deity, such as Marigold. The food prepared are also yellow in color, such as kesariya bhaat or sweet saffron rice, kesariya ladoo or halwa or saffron pudding, khichdi or a mixture of yellow pulses with rice and so on. Young girls drape themselves in yellow-colored sarees or Basanti colored saree.

6. S3 Foundation in Memphis organized a powerful Sri Chakra Deepotsavam under the guidance of Sri Vasudevananda Swamiji.

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, USA (6)They are conducting Sri Chakra Deepotsavam under the guidance of Sri Vasudevananda Swamiji who is visiting Gaushala for five days. Devi has various forms, each having their own yantra, but the Sri Chakra itself represents all of the various forms of Devi in one yantra. Therefore, the devotee of Mother can worship the Sri Chakra rather than worship a particular yantra for each of Her forms.

7. Chandi Homa was conducted in Gaushala in Memphis for human welfare, health, and wealth.
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, USA (7)It is a sacred fire ritual and spiritual practice performed by Hindus to honor Goddess Chandi, a powerful form of Goddess Shakti. It is considered one of the most powerful Homams. Chandi Homam is one of the most powerful and popular homams performed by devotees to please the Goddess Chandi, who is the collective energy and power of all Gods and Goddesses. The homam is also known as Chandi Path or Chandi Jaap. Chandi means ‘that which cannot be destroyed’.

8. Six Christians returned to Sanatana Dharma in Assam; Homa rituals were performed as per their customs.
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, USA (8)Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is extremely happy to welcome back six Christians to Hindu Dharma in Assam. They were converted by the missionaries many years back. We have assisted one group of people who worked closely with GHHF to welcome back. As per their customs, GHHF arranged appropriate rituals, pujas and Homas where all these returned Hindus participated. They expressed their happiness for returning to their home, to their original religion.

9. Mandala Puja was performed to Maremma Temple, and a Kireetam (Crown) was donatedto the Goddess on that occasion. (6/19)
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, USA (9)As many of you are aware, about 41 days ago, GHHF conducted Prana Pratishta to Maremma Temple in Kalyandurg Mandal center in NTR Colony. Earlier, Prana Pratishta and Homa programs were held on behalf of our organization.Mandala pooja was performed today. First, everyone was givena dot on the forehead, the name of the gotra was given to the goddess, PanchamrutaAbhishekam was done and a Kireetma (crown) was brought to the goddess with GopiSwami's own money. After that, everyonewas given the opportunity to offer rice to the Goddess Maremma.

10. Assam Bala Samskar Students were invited to conduct Yoga and talked about the importance of Parents.
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, USA (10)Students of Bala Samskar Kendras were invited to a Five-Day Personality Development Camp (PDC) in the Vivekananda school premises for the students of Class VI. After learning about the activities of Bala Samskar Kendras, one of the teachers at Vivekananda Kendra school contacted us and invited our students. Our Ten best students went there and showed them yoga, recited sloka, talked about importance of Parents in our life. Our students explained about the importance of Surya Namaskar, its history and different steps to practice Yoga. They explained the benefits of doing yoga every day.
Teach Surya Namaskar.
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Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, USA (2024)
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